Geometry Honors

Geometry is everywhere. It is a large part of our lives so a strong understanding is important. I have included classroom / homework assignments and videos from the day's lessons here.

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Foundations Programming

Welcome to computer programming I. Student will be able to find various resources and sample Visual Basic code here. In addition, detailed CIW information is included.

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Procedural Programming

Procedural Programming and Computer Engineering information is kept here. I have included sample code, "cheat" sheets, solutions to old assignments and upcoming assignments.

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AP Computer Science

All things AP Computer Science A is included. Sample code and many resources can be found including practice test questions and coding projects.

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STEM Education Advantages

The Highest-Paying STEM Jobs For Recent College Graduates
Recent grads with a bachelor’s degree and less than three years’ experience in the workforce typically earn $39,700 a year—but that number can more than double for those in positions in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Certificate Programs:

Our Mission

The mission of Gulf Coast High School is to provide a safe learning environment in which students have the opportunity to receive the highest quality education to facilitate future academic and career success.